Experience the Benefits of

Presstek Dimension Excel CTP

Daylight-safe operation

Presstek thermal plates have no sensitivity to

visible light. Handling and imaging plates in a

daylight environment improves productivity and

eliminates the costs and special provisions assoc-

iated with safe-light and darkroom conditions.

Chemistry-free platemaking

Dimension Excel systems are chemistry-free.

Besides eliminating processing chemistry, Presstek

CTP plates require no gumming, baking, or

special cleaning fluids.

Consistency and repeatability

Presstek CTP produces the highest quality

output, free of the inconsistencies in image

quality associated with emulsion variances,

processor condition, chemical aging, exposure

problems, and environmental changes.


From imaging technology to plates, the

reliability and performance of Presstek

thermal imaging products are proven in

thousands of installations worldwide.

Presstek has installed more thermal imaging

heads than any other thermal imaging

manufacturer in the graphic arts industry.

Low impact installation

Freedom from chemical processing and baking,

the compact size of Dimension Excel platesetters,

elimination of support equipment, and operation

in normal room conditions allow Presstek CTP

systems to fit any plant layout.

Easy operation

Dimension Excel systems are designed for

maximum ease of use and require far fewer

steps to produce plates, streamlining your entire

platemaking operation.

Lower cost ownership

Presstek CTP lowers costs in the short run, and in

the long run. The savings in time, materials and

labor mean lower overhead in your platemaking

operations. With the fewest number of steps

from RIP to press, a Presstek CTP system can

produce more plates at a lower cost. On press,

Presstek plates provide fast roll-up and run lengths

up to 100,000—without baking. The daylight-

safe, chemistry-free imaging of Presstek plates

and compact size of Dimension platesetters

make for an easy transition to Presstek CTP

in any shop layout.

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